is a Heavy Rock band from Chennai, a coastal city in the South of India.

They just released their 4th studio album  called 'Bison', a journey into a comic-book style universe starring General Bison and his unlikely band of characters who battle the injustices in their world. 

It is common for Skrat to write songs about dreamed up characters and their inherent struggles. In fact, it  is one of the things that made them popular.

Skrat is also a strong supporter of the DIY approach, and an early proponent of the DIT approach - 'Do it Together'. This includes their music,records, live videos and tours. With the help of a close-knit group of friends named the Skrat Crew, the band has soared to new heights. 


From the left: T.T. Sriram on Guitar and vocals, Jhanu Chanthar on Bass guitar and Tapass Naresh on Drums.